Sunday Update

Hannah sent this update last night…


I only have today left to be in Spain, and I’ve come to a conclusion: This trip isn’t about the art or the buildings I’ve seen or the music I’ve heard. It´s not the things I’ve bought or the new foods I’ve tried. It´s all about the people I’ve met along the way. I now have friends from other places in the U.S. as well as amazing new friends in Spain. Celia has been an amazing sister to me this past week, and I know Fatima, Ana, and Sara have all been amazing sisters to their U.S. sister as well. They’ve been good friends to me and I will miss them all dearly. The beginning of this part of the trip was beyond stressful: everyone here talks with a different accent from what we were taught, and there´s slang that we aren’t taught. They talk so quickly it´s difficult to understand. But I’ve learned to deal with it and I have learned more this past week than the class could have ever taught me. I don´t want to go back to the U.S. It´s so much more amazing here. I´ll miss the cities and the sun, the beach and, most importantly, my four new sisters I have. Much love to Celia, Fatima, Ana, and Sara. ♥



From Hannah today…


Well. Tomorrow is the day I get to meet my family! I’m sooo excited
and nervous at the same time. I hope my Spanish will be good enough!!
Fingers crossed!!


And for those not on her Facebook, here are some of her status updates from the past week…

  • Waking up from a nap to watch Pokemon in Spanish >>>>>
  • Estoy salido Madrid este día. Que lastima. Me encanta este ciudad. Un día, viviré aquí. 🙂 adiós Madrid, hola Granada!
  • Shopping in Madrid >>>>>>>
  • If only you could see what I’ve seen ♥
  • Oh, Madrid. Me encanta tu. ♥ it’s amazing here! I can’t believe I’m finally here!! The plane ride was long, but TOTALLY worth it! I haven’t had a problem with jet lag at all (which is very nice) and I could get used to it here. ♥


An Update From Hannah

She sent this update in an email today…


¡Hola! I’m laying in bed in Granada right now, getting ready to head
out in the morning for Sevilla! I’m very excited. This trip has been
absolutely amazing so far.
We went to Madrid for three days and went to el Palacio Real and to
two art museums! The architecture around Madrid is stunning.
During our stay in Madrid, we went off to Segovia to go see el
Alcátraz and el Acueducto. ¡Que bonito!
Here in Granada we saw la Ahmbra and a cathedral. But on our way here,
we stopped in Toledo to see another cathedral. Both had a TON of oro
(gold) and marble. They were so so SO amazing and beautiful and
Tomorrow we are visiting ANOTHER Cathedral and we’re going to a
flamenco performance! After that? Off to Cádiz to hit up the beach and
see my host family!!!

The places are beautiful. The people are friendly and I can understand
a majority of what locals are saying. And, let me tell you
something…the food? Increíble. I’ve had bread EVERY. DAY. There’s
bread for every meal. Whether it’s toast, with pasta, in a sandwhich,
anything. But I’ve also had calamari, raw salmon, and, my favorite so
far, goat. And I have so much more to try!

If only I had more time.

That’s all I have for you for now! I’ll put lots of pictures up when I
return. 🙂

¡Hasta luego!

Hannah is Off!

After months of anticipation and planning, I sent my baby off this morning to travel to Spain. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I might be, but Hannah’s nerves were worked up more than I expected they’d be. I still can’t believe she’s going to Spain! This is so awesome for her – it’s going to be a great experience and she is going to learn so much. I just hope she takes way too many pictures and journals as much as I’ve been hounding her to. I can’t wait to see and hear all about her trip!

Hannah chose not to bring her phone to Spain so she cannot update the blog from there. She will be able to update Facebook and me and I will post for her anything she wants to share. Then she’ll be sharing plenty why she gets home. I was hoping that she would have updated more here since March, but the girl has been a workhorse! She was finishing cheerleading and school and finals. Any extra shifts she could get at work, she took. She stayed later than scheduled plenty of times too. She worked really hard to earn the money to pay for the rest of her expenses and to have plenty of spending money while she was traveling. She deserves it all – she really worked for it. Even yesterday, she worked a full shift instead of getting packed and ready to go. I’m so proud of you, Hannah!!

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to her trip – we are all very appreciative. Thank you’s have finally gone out in the mail!

Passport check with Profa Zelaya

Can you see her nerves? Waiting to check baggage – Hannah had the lightest bag! Her reward was a serenade from Profa!

The whole group going from her school. There is another group going together from Jamestown, ND.

Going to the boarding area – she’s going to miss her brothers!

A hug for Dillan and Connor photobombed with his cheese. Love these boys!

Right about now, they should be in Chicago and probably getting something to eat and finding their gate to Madrid. With the time difference in Spain, they will actually arrive there at 7:40 am tomorrow. It’s going to be a long flight but it will be so worth it.

We miss you already, Hannah!! Have a super awesome time!

Love, Mama

¡Mi Familia Nueva!

¡Hola! I have fantastic news. Just last week I received an email from mi hermana en España (my sister in Spain)! Her name is Celia and they live in a little town in Cadíz. I’ve been keeping in touch with her the past week and we are even Facebook friends. 🙂 ¡Estoy muy emocinado (I am very excited)! We seem to have a lot in common and I’m very excited to meet her and the rest of her family.

I’ve also been receiving a few contributions to my trip, and I wanted to say ¡Muchas Gracias (many thanks)! Each contribution puts me that much closer to a trip many only dream of taking. 🙂

Again, ¡muchas gracias por su tiempo! (many thanks for your time)

Sinceremente (Sincerely),
Hannah Bjorem

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Welcome to my blog! This is where you can find all the information about my trip to Spain THIS SUMMER!! I can’t stress enough how excited I am for this trip and how excited I am to share with you all of my experiences as I tour various cities and broaden my horizons in a foreign country! Thank you so much for taking your time to look into this as I get ready for my big trip! ¡Hasta luego! 🙂